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Railway security in Europe, part three

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The whole debate about strengthening surveillance on trains is going nowhere – unless it is decided to post armed guards or police officers on those trains, like in the United States, which could be a sort of deterrent (wrote former French intelligence agent Claude Moniquet).

[Viewpoint: New anti-terror approach needed after France train attack, Claude Moniquet, BBC, 23 Aug 2015]

[…] Trains go from point A to point B with some (or lots) of stations in between. Can you imagine each station having scanners and checkpoints? Can you imagine turning up at train stations one or two hours before departure, like at airports? Of course not. And even if it did happen, the threat could switch to other targets: buses, tramways, underground, stores, theatres, restaurants, bars, churches and sporting events. Could we equip all these places with scanners and checkpoints? The answer is obvious.

Actually, the whole debate about strengthening surveillance on trains may not be going too far, even if armed guards were posted on trains.

Suppose a plain clothes ‘rail marshal’ were assigned to each Thalys service. What would be the probability of that marshal being in the right place on the train to make an effective intervention in the event of a terrorist incident?


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August 27, 2015 at 10:32 am

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  1. It does however point to a rethink on DOO – the long distance services are less of a target. Consider that some 12-coach trains coming in to London Bridge or Waterloo may be carrying up to 1500 passengers, and arriving in a terminal platform with a concourse carrying more passengers through it per day than Heathrow Airport.

    The ability of overpowering the single member of traincrew on a train with 1500 passengers on it and then doing something deadly is rather worrying – even just an atrocity on the train that takes away the only person on it officially trained to keep the passengers, and other trains safe. We might take a look at the 7/7 events to get some idea of what happens – but note that in those instances the drivers did remain available to take immediate control of the situation on the trains.

    Dave Holladay

    August 27, 2015 at 10:44 am

  2. It seems we are dealing with incompetence, when one does not fully understand what they are dealing with or there may be a conflict of interest playing a part, then the problems within any system will escalate out of control.
    Mass immigration shows it has its perils, yet no one is addressing the problem, other than wanting more security, by the time they have finished with security no one will be able to move from their home, yet there is a solution, monitor the borders?
    HS2 is not viable within the economics of what is put before us, money would create an economic stability using money to benefit the people who use the system we already have, yet the publics voice goes unheard, but hold on one moment, are these people in power working for the people?
    Time and again we listen as these people who are put in power to work for the people, what is their agenda, why are they not dealing with the issues which directly affect the people of the country?
    Is it incompetence?
    We have many independent scientists, engineers, lawyers, barristers, proffessors in many areas who contributed to this country, why are we ignoring the the fundamentals of life and teachings?

    L Irving

    August 27, 2015 at 10:07 pm

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