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Railway security in Europe, part two

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The 25 August Daily Telegraph story about rail security after the Arras train attack stated that “Britain is regarded as one of the keenest supporters of greater transport security in Europe, with David Cameron pushing for the sharing of passenger data, known as PNR”.

[France terror attack: British railway passengers could be forced to use full body scanners, Matthew Holehouse, Daily Telegraph, 25 Aug 2015]

[…] EU sources says there are no proposals to collect and share such data on rail travellers with police Europe-wide, although some European rail companies, including Thalys, do collect PNR.

Arras might be a golden opportunity for apologists for the surveillance state and the security ‘solutions’ industry, but there can be never be security when the European Union’s borders are so weak. If the would-be Thalys assassin was ‘known’ to European intelligence agencies, and Thalys collect PNR, what exactly is the value of PNR? Does the Thalys booking process ask how many AK-47s you would like to take on board?


Written by beleben

August 26, 2015 at 3:08 pm

Posted in Politics, Railways

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