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During the final hour

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According to the Government Response to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee HS2 report (July 2015), in Autumn 2013, on commuter services leaving Euston during the final hour of the evening peak, on average there were 120 passengers for every 100 seats.

[Government Response, section 2.21]

This means that one in six passengers was standing – and the situation on certain trains was worse.

Woooo, one in six passengers standing.

But what was the actual number of passengers standing, and how long did they have to stand for? Needless to say, the Government Response offered no answer to those questions.

London Midland, Getting a sear from Euston, May 2015

Is the only way to increase London Midland commuter capacity, to build a £56 billion railway to Manchester and Leeds? As can be seen from London Midland’s May 2015 ‘Getting a seat’, between 6pm and 7pm, just eleven LM commuter trains leave Euston on the two outbound tracks. And of those, only three are 12-car trains.


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August 20, 2015 at 10:50 am

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