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His pothole ambition

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Angry MPs have accused George Osborne of “deceit” after it was revealed that filling in potholes will count as part of “building a Northern Powerhouse”, wrote Rob Merrick.

[Filling in potholes counts towards creation of ‘Northern Powerhouse’, Northern Echo, 3 July 2015]

Cash for bus and cycle lanes – and for traffic-calming – is also included in the £13bn the Chancellor has promised to turn the region into an economic stronghold.

The MPs said the revelations – by The Northern Echo – made a mockery of Mr Osborne’s pre-election promise to make the North his priority back in office.

And they warned the sum left over for fresh rail schemes – just £330m a year, across the three Northern regions – was too puny for any further big projects.

Phil Wilson, Labour MP for Sedgefield, said: “It seems that George Osborne’s Powerhouse is steam-driven, just smoke and mirrors and not what we have been promised.

“If his ambition is for the North simply consists of filling in potholes, then it’s not much of an ambition at all.”

And Andy McDonald, the Middlesbrough MP, added: “This lays bare the deceit within the Tory pre-election promise of a modern rail network across the North. It was nothing less than a complete con.”


Written by beleben

July 3, 2015 at 8:31 am

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