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‘Thirty three thousand HS2 apprenticeships’

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BBC story on the Labour party apprenticeship policies (Feb 2015)

BBC story on the Labour party’s apprenticeship policies (Feb 2015)

On 16 February 2015 Labour leader Ed Miliband spoke to Mary Rhodes on BBC Midlands Today about the party’s plans to create apprenticeships, and the HS2 railway.

For some reason, his claim that HS2 should or would create “33,000” apprenticeships went unchallenged. Crossrail 1, a scheme valued at roughly 80% of the magnitude of HS2 phase one, has only managed 400-odd apprentices, and it is not clear how many of those apprentices were UK-domiciled before starting work.

Each year in Britain, there are more than 700,000 eighteen year olds, so “creating 80,000 apprenticeships” is something which would benefit a minority.

[Labour apprenticeships guarantee ‘forgets 50% without A-levels’, Lucy Mair, Construction News, 18 Feb 2015]

[…] Labour would also raise the minimum standard for apprenticeships to national vocational qualification Level 3, introducing a new “universal gold standard” for apprenticeships.

In 2013/14, just 25 per cent of 8,020 construction apprenticeship completions were Level 3 or above, while the remaining 75 per cent were Level 2 qualifications and would not meet Labour’s criteria.

Under its proposals, Level 2 apprenticeships would continue but be renamed to protect the apprenticeships gold standard.

[Lucy Mair’s analysis of Labour’s apprenticeship plans]

“Had the minimum standard for an apprenticeship been Level 3 in 2013/14, the number of people successfully completing a construction apprenticeship would fall from 8,000 to just 2,000.”

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