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‘Not necessarily borne out’

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Simon Kirby — who became the nation’s highest paid civil servant when he was appointed chief executive of HS2 Ltd last year on a £750,000 a year salary — argues that the “perception that [overseas high speed rail networks] are lower cost” is not necessarily borne out (wrote the FT’s Gill Plimmer).

[“Battle over HS2 ‘gravy’ train intensifies”, Financial Times, 1 Feb 2015, (paywall)]

[…] Nevertheless, he has — at the Treasury’s behest — commissioned a year-long study that will compare the costs of high-speed internationally and look at lessons to be drawn.

“Not necessarily borne out”? Mr Kirby must believe the public were ‘borne’ yesterday. High speed rail cost benchmarking (presented by HS2 chief engineer Andrew McNaughton) HS2 and HS1 costs (David Higgins, from 'HS2 Plus')

The FT story also included a couple of diagrams which surely encapsulate the absurdity of the entire HS2 project (reproduced below).

Rail journeys to and from London, and all-GB rail journeys (Financial Times)

Rail journeys to and from London, and all-GB rail journeys (Financial Times)

As can be seen, Manchester — London accounted for about 0.2% of the total number of journeys made on GB national rail in 2013. For Leeds, Sheffield, etc, the volumes are even smaller. The idea that spending £50,000,000,000 on one very small part of the travel market could ‘rebalance the economy’, or address a so-called ‘capacity crunch’, is too silly for words.

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February 2, 2015 at 12:31 pm

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