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On 13 January 2015, HS2 Ltd chief David Higgins told the Lords Economic Affairs Committee [video, 15:47:30] that he “did not believe” that cutting the HS2 design operating speed by 50 km/h would save a “huge amount of money”, and dismissed the idea that that such a reduction would reduce costs by “9 per cent”.

But according to his own HS2 Plus (March 2014) report, HS2 is estimated to cost ‘15% more than HS1’, because of its ‘higher capability’. That differential must be largely speed-driven, because HS1 is already signalled for 20 trains per hour. The maximum capacity of a full-length HS2 and HS1 train should be the same (the new Class 374 Eurostar trains seat about 900 passengers).

David Higgins 'HS2 Plus' report: 'HS2 15% more expensive than HS1' because of its 'higher capability'

In his appearance before the Committee, Mr Higgins also implied that Eurostar trains could travel faster on the French side of the Channel. But so far as can be ascertained, the maximum linespeed in the Nord Pas de Calais is the same as in Kent.


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