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According to its website, Birmingham City Council needs “to make substantial cuts to services for the next financial year with pressures on finances expected to continue until at least until 2018”.

[Birmingham City Council, viewed Dec 2014]

[…] This means planning for a future with a lot less money to spend on services for Birmingham’s citizens. Some services will need to change substantially, and some may need to be cut altogether.

Although there may be a lot less money to spend on services for Birmingham’s citizens, the cash shortage evidently does not affect some other “services”. This month, the publicly-funded and council-linked Marketing Birmingham organisation announced it is looking to appoint a HS2 “Communications Projects Manager”.

Marketing Birmingham HS2 propagandist vacancy, Dec 2014

Marketing Birmingham HS2 propagandist vacancy, Dec 2014

[Marketing Birmingham job ad]

Job profile

Title: Communications Projects Manager
12 month contract – with the potential for this to be extended

Reporting to: PR Manager, Marketing Birmingham
Salary circa £30,000

Job purpose:

Work closely with other parts of Marketing Birmingham and key external partners to create and implement effective and coordinated communications campaigns

To devise, manage and monitor day-to-day PR activity

Highlight the benefits of HS2 locally and nationally, by involving local stakeholders in the promotion of the route and its economic benefits

Version: N/A

Key Accountabilities

Media relations

To devise, manage and implement proactive and reactive media relations with Marketing Birmingham’s PR team – across regional, national and trade press

Support communications activity promoting local economic and transport projects

Develop direct and personal relationships with members of the media

Co-ordinate responses from members of Go-HS2 to form a cohesive voice for the press, and ensure it is a trusted organisation to comment on major relevant issues

Engage in Marketing Birmingham projects that support its work around the promotion and delivery of HS2

Stakeholder and member engagement

Work with regional and national stakeholders to ensure all proactive and reactive media opportunities are handled quickly and effectively

Develop direct and personal relationships with key stakeholders

Provide corporate communications, issues and crisis management when needed

Support stakeholders with social media messaging

Collate and report on the Go-HS2’s PR activity on a quarterly basis

Monitor coverage, budgeting and planning

In April 2011, Marketing Birmingham advertised for a “temporary” Go-HS2 ‘Media Officer’, but that job was made quasi-permanent. Whether the December 2014 ‘Communications Projects Manager’ is an additional post, is unclear. At the time of writing, the most recent post on Go HS2’s website is called “Petitions seek maximum benefits from HS2”, which was posted on May 19, 2014.


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