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A magic wand and a big bag of cash

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HS2 Trainspotting

HS2 Trainspotting

The new Shadow transport secretary, Barnsley East MP Michael Dugher, is the “proud” son of a railwayman and is “hugely alert to the importance of rail”. But he believes too many of his predecessors have focused on train users commuting into London. He pointed out only 5% of commutes are by train, but 78% of people get to work by car.

[“Labour car war is over- New transport chief’s vow to help road users”, Jason Beattie, Daily Mirror, 2 Dec 2014]

“I want to be a ­Transport Secretary not a train-spotter and there have been too many ­train-spotters in the job. When people demonise the motorist it’s ­offensive. […]”

He added: “I haven’t got a magic wand and a big bag of cash but there are things you can do. You can do more co-ordination in terms of street works, better management. At the moment nobody runs the road network.”


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December 13, 2014 at 11:44 am

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