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In September 2014, the BBC updated its 20 August story on HS2 and the new North-South divide “to better balance the wide range of views and backgrounds of interviewees”. The original version included comments from ‘commuters’ Christopher Hyomes, and Julie Carrier (a ‘WSP civil engineer’).

The BBC’s 20 August story did not explain that Mr Hyomes was an officer of the rail campaigning group ‘Railfuture’. He was not mentioned in the revised version.

The original story also did not mention that WSP “carried out an independent report for West Yorkshire Metro to review the economic case for HS2 in the Leeds and Sheffield regions” in 2013. In fact, the company’s involvement with HS2 is considerably more extensive than the BBC makes out, and Julie Carrier is Head of Rail at WSP.

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December 5, 2014 at 12:44 pm

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  1. In a recent comment, you informed us:
    “Misrepresenting GB rail enhancements spend
    Between now and 2019, Network Rail is set to spend “an average of £27 million a day on improving infrastructure”, according to Railnews (24 October 2014).
    In fact, the amount programmed for “improving infrastructure” is much lower than that claimed by Railnews. It is curious that some writers in the railway press cannot understand the difference between renewal expenditure, and enhancement expenditure”.
    I do not know if Railnews would try to pretend their calculation is based on a 5-day week but if they mean the CP5 spend of NR which works 24/7 then a 7-day one would give an annual spend of nearly £10bn based on the above figure while the NR envelope in CP5 is about £7.5bn pa. As everyone doesn’t know, this spend includes clearing up rubbish and leaves from the lines and everything else (except the trains – apart from their power supply which NR sells at a discount) needed to keep a railway system working – it is definitely not purely “investment” on infrastructure as Railnews, DfT, Ministers, BBC etc constantly pretend.
    As for NR, which ORR has indicated to be in a mess but which thinks itself qualified to export its expertise, and for which Dawlish, at £35m was “just in a day’s work” (another layer of sea containers will surely keep it fit for purpose until the Victorians are long forgotten), is now pulled in all directions to progress the Northern Hub but has hardly started, link in with HS2 but knows not where, update the EC and SW routes so as not to pay out even more compensation, it must now try to run a piecemeal system with widely competing TOCs/ROCOs/SOCs (whatever) to keep everyone happy.
    My advice for any NR employee is to get a job with HS2 – fully funded and guaranteed work for 18 years minimum (other people’s children pick up the tab) – and none of the hassle of working with a crumbling Victorian infrastructure. Oops, the smart ones already have!


    December 7, 2014 at 1:10 am

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