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Included in the Cambridge entrepreneurs’ “Connect People Build Infrastructure Grow Clusters” report were year_2024 rail target journey times between places in the Oxford — Cambridge — London triangle.


Oxford – King’s Cross
40 mins

Cambridge – King’s Cross
30 mins

Oxford – Cambridge
40 mins

Cambridge – Heathrow
40 mins

King’s Cross – Stansted
20 mins

Oxford – Heathrow
30 mins

Ipswich – Cambridge
40 mins

Ipswich – King’s Cross
40 mins

And for the period beyond 2024, the authors envisaged a network of 240mph [385 km/h] monorails across the South East. So it might be fair to say that the proposals are not particularly well grounded in reality.

The idea of making comparisons between transport in south east England and California’s Silicon Valley is a bit odd. The development of Silicon Valley cannot be ascribed to its rail connectivity, which was minimal in the 1970s, and even now, is not particularly good.

Rail connection options suggested by Steer Davies Gleave for the East West Rail consortium are very different to those proposed in the 'Connect People Build Infrastructure Grow Clusters' report

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December 3, 2014 at 6:36 pm

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