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Details of a private Solihull council meeting held to discuss the finances of Shirley’s Parkgate retail development were made public following pressure from councillors, the Birmingham Mail reported. A confidential cabinet report, made public after a Freedom of Information request, showed that a section of Shirley Park sacrificed for Parkgate was given to the developers at “nil cost”.

[“Shirley parkland ‘worth £10m’ given to developers for NOTHING”, Birmingham Mail, 20 Nov 2014]

“This is a shameful betrayal of Shirley residents,” Coun Tim Hodgson (Green Party, Shirley West) said.

“This land was valued by independent experts at millions of pounds yet the council has handed it over for nothing.

“This is scandalous and a very raw deal for Shirley residents.

“It is also the fact that there was zero consultation with residents on this.

“If it was not for this Freedom of Information request, the public would never have known the truth.”
Leader of [Solihull] council Bob Sleigh said waiving the cost of the land shows the commitment the council had to Shirley.


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