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In 2012, the “Independent” Transport Commission decided to conduct its own review of the ‘spatial effects of high speed rail’ because it was concerned at “how the public and media debate over high speed rail (HSR) in Britain was being conducted”. In its report, “Ambitions and Opportunities: Understanding the spatial effects of High Speed Rail“, launched on 20 November 2014, the ITC noted that


[HS2] was perceived by much of the public and the press as an expensive civil engineering project wholly designed to move passengers at great speed between the major regional cities and London.

Of course, HS2 is a £50 billion civil engineering project designed to move passengers at high speed from Leeds, Manchester, and Birmingham to London, so the perceptions of “much of the public and the press” are correct. But HS2 is also designed to benefit the special interest groups — such as local bureaucracies, construction firms, and train companies — which fund the ITC.

Ambitions and Opportunities‘ eschews verifiable numerical data in favour of self-serving anecdote, weasel statements (‘Although it is hard to isolate the impact of HSR, it seems as though it has had a positive economic impact in Lyon’), and pompous phraseology (‘Recognise the value of public space and the power of place’). In Britain, the failure of HS1 to transform East Kent is difficult to ignore, but much the same outcomes followed on the other side of the Channel. In the early 1990s, the French government invested to provide Boulogne and Calais with no-change TGV services to Paris, as part of its high speed rail expansion, but there is little sign of economic benefit for the local population.


Calais, 2014

Independent Transport Commission website, About page

[ITC report]

[…]This report was authored by a team led by Professor John Worthington, in consultation the ITC project Steering Group, comprising Alan Baxter CBE, Sarah Kendall, Dr Matthew Niblett, Peter Headicar, Mary Bonar and Bright Pryde. […]


Matthew Niblett, Secretary General, ITC
John Worthington, Commissioner and Project Lead, ITC
Bright Pryde, Project Assistant, ITC
Simon Linnett, Chairman ITC
Henk Bouwman, Urbanist, Urban
Honoré van Rijswijk, Director, Frontwork
Sarah Kendall, Commissioner, ITC
Alan Baxter CBE, Senior Partner, Alan Baxter Associates
Peter Headicar, Commissioner, ITC
Mary Bonar, Commissioner, ITC
Michael Bredin, Volunteer, ITC
James Hodgson, Volunteer, ITC


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