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Relocation of the HS2 ‘East Midlands hub’

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Meeting to discuss HS2 at Breaston, 31 Oct 2014In his 27 October dissimulation on rebalancing Britain by building a 400 km/h train line to London, HS2 chief David Higgins said he was looking at relocating the ‘East Midlands hub’, but declined to be geographically specific.

[Anna Soubry MP]
Monday, 3 November, 2014

I met Sir David Higgins, the Chairman of Hs2 to discuss where the East Midlands Hub is likely to be sited. He assured me Toton has not been ruled out but it is clear the chances of it coming to the Sidings are very slim.

Breaston’s attraction is the proximity to the existing rail lines to both Derby and Nottingham. We discussed the merits of East Midlands Parkway which would link Hs2 to the airport, M1, A453, and rail network.

What Sir David was keen to stress, is that wherever the East Mids hub is sited it will bring real economic benefits to all of us in Broxtowe. I am still trying to arrange a meeting with the leaders of Broxtowe, Nottingham City and Notts County Councils

“Breaston’s attraction is the proximity to the existing rail lines to both Derby and Nottingham.” That is unlikely. The attraction is much more likely to be lower construction costs.

[Erewash Conservatives, Tuesday, 28 October, 2014]


Yesterday Sir David Higgins gave his report into phase 2 of the HS2 project.

During his speech and indeed in the written report, he clearly states that ‘alternative station sites to the west of Toton’ are to be investigated to improve connectivity to the existing road and rail network.

However he has since gone on record stating that the only site being investigated is Breaston.

As community leaders we believe that Breaston residents have been kept in the dark about key decisions that affect them and this continued uncertainty is very worrying.

That is why we have called a Public Meeting this Friday, 31st October, at Breaston Scout HQ, Blind Lane, beginning at 5:30pm. We have also invited representatives from both the Department for Transport and HS2 Limited to explain their case to residents.

Statement from:

Councillor Chris Corbett, Leader, Erewash Borough Council

Jessica Lee MP

Maggie Throup, Prospective [Conservative] MP for Erewash


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November 4, 2014 at 11:26 am

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  1. Couple move from Toton to Breaston to avoid HS2.
    Meanwhile, Toton residents, living near the proposed station, have been sidelined. The HS2 Toton Working Group, charged with delivering the station, has been renamed the HS2 Toton Advisory Committee and serves only to interface to local developers & residents, if that. (The most recent meeting, in April, was held for the benefit of residents. Yet, the borough council neglected to inform the residents of the meeting. No public meetings about HS2 have ever been held in Toton. And only one public meeting about HS2 has ever been held locally, eighteen months ago.) A new East Midlands Hub Delivery Board has taken over but meeting details are not forthcoming from the council (so that residents can attend), despite the council’s executive officer attending the inaugural meeting.
    This is what is called stakeholder management.


    November 4, 2014 at 4:16 pm

  2. The constraints around Breaston are numerous. To the east there is the M1 but it bends at this point leaving a gap which is too narrow for a 400kph railway. To the south of this there is a Severn Trent reservoir & treatment plant. Perhaps the solution would involve a viaduct over the reservor? Assuming that the station would be located where the HS2 route crosses the Nottingham Derby line then there is an issue of how you would get road access to it – the local road network is poor. To the west of Breaston, the east-west line passes through Draycott, so a station in that vicinity looks like a non-starter. Further south still, there are obstacles, such as the River Trent, East Midlands Airport, Castle Donington and the Donington Racetrack and massive new development proposals, not to mention some nice villages. Plenty of work for consultants and yet more money going down the drain.

    The suggested extension of the tram system to the Toton site could not provide quick journey times to Nottingham city centre. The HS2 Strategic case claims that changing trains at the East Midlands Hub (Toton) would only add 17 minutes to the journey to Nottingham Midland. That would require a dedicated direct train to connect with each HS2 train and a very swift transfer of passengers. The claimed London to Nottingham Midland time by HS2 is 68 minutes whereas with a bit of investment (miniscule in comparison with HS2) in the Midland Main Line it should be easily possible to get the time down to under 90 minutes, and this would also benefit all users of that line. So you might save 22 minutes by travelling via the East Midlands Hub but it would almost certainly cost more and you would have significantly less time to do some productive work. You might also avoid those delays that will occur at Euston unless someone comes up with an (expensive) solution.


    November 5, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    • Worth mentioning that the current hourly service from Long Eaton to London only takes about 90 minutes.


      November 5, 2014 at 5:09 pm

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