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Broadening Birmingham’s cycling demographic

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Cycling in Birmingham is not just for young white men, said Northfield MP Richard Burden (Birmingham Mail, 2 November). Which, the statistics show, is true. It’s for old white men too. But broadening the cycle demographic through dishonest and patronising nudge schemes like ‘Smarter Choices’, or WSP’s fake “Cycle Revolution”, is unlikely to work, on the evidence from places like Toronto.

[“I’m an adult. Stop nudging me”, Margaret Wente, Toronto Globe and Mail, 4 Oct 2014]

[…] Planners have tried all kinds of incentives to get us to cycle more. Toronto has built dedicated bike lanes, as well as semi-dedicated lanes (a safety menace, in my view). It even invested in a money-losing bike-share program. Sadly, though, I’m no more inclined to ride a bike than ever. My reasons are pedestrian: Sweatiness, helmet hair, inability to pick up dinner and 10 kilograms of cat litter on the way home. And the weather, which is crummy half the year.

But mostly, I enjoy not having my teeth knocked out. Cycling in Toronto is so dangerous that only lunatics would do it. You can be wiped out at any moment by cars and streetcar tracks.

Written by beleben

November 4, 2014 at 6:11 pm

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