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HS3 ‘must link with villages’

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Jason McCartney MP: HS3 must link with villages

Jason McCartney MP: HS3 must link with villages

Written by beleben

October 30, 2014 at 11:24 am

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  1. Huddersfield is not a village, nor is it a town, it is a city that just doesn’t bother admitting to it, because city status costs money. The problem with through trains that don’t stop there is that it is the second largest station in the region by passenger numbers, and the station is fundamentally unadaptable for trains running through it at full line speed with alterations to the track.

    The reason for this can be seen here. This crappy bay platform is where they stable Pacers to serve Sheffield, avoiding having them block platform one, and through lines in the foreground:
    Huddersfield Railway Station - Platform 2

    Trouble is, it wasn’t always a bay platform, as this old shot indicates: Note there are four tracks in the main shed. They need the expanded platform space to cope with the blockage created inside the building where there are ticket barriers:

    They would only be able to re-fit one centre road if they wanted to run through trains and a stopping service, otherwise trains would have to run at line speed through platform 4b, which is where this photo was taken from:

    The site features an island platform, currently express services from Manchester run around the back of the island and the 4b platform is used for stopping services up the valley and onwards to Leeds/Wakefield.

    With the result being that unless platform 4b is reworked to have trains running through it at full line speed, presumably with barrier screens for the air blast, local stopping trains would have to run around the back, but then there is no provision to let the units loiter for long periods as there are no bay platforms facing towards Manchester: These got filled in and Huddersfield’s Power Signal box built on top – They used to be where the step ladder is positioned, bottom right.

    Note clearance of the last carriage. Quite how they are going to get 25000v ac under that spillway is beyond me..

    Andrew S. Mooney

    October 30, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    • Huddersfield “station is fundamentally unadaptable”..

      It does not take too long a visit to Huddersfield to appreciate its grand town centre, its even grander station building but not the Victorian rail curvatures into and out of it; either east through Mirfield towards Dewsbury and Leeds or west beyond the tunnel through Mossley and Stalybridge towards Manchester.

      So, the NorthStart route between Manchester Victoria and Leeds bypasses Huddersfield to halve rail times between the two city centres and fast-connect the East Lancs rail system to that of West Yorks.
      See Northern Cities Crossrail on:

      If the North South Divide worries Whitehall, it needs to park HS2 and pursue a very similar crossrail first.

      Michael Wand

      November 1, 2014 at 9:56 am

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