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Driving (fewer) homes in Toton

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On 13 October The Daily Telegraph published a story titled “High Speed 2 will drive new homes and jobs, say economists”.

[Anna White, Property correspondent, DT, 13 Oct 2014]

High Speed 2, the controversial railway network that will link Britain’s South and North, could be worth £40bn to the economy, according to a leading group of economists.

The boost will come from thousands of new homes and office buildings expected to be built in the communities surrounding the nine HS2 stations dotted across the Midlands and the North, forecasts from economist and accountancy firm EY suggest.

There will also be a rise in construction employment as the industry embraces the surge of building projects along the line.
This analysis, seen exclusively by The Telegraph before its release by the Government this week, suggests that these hubs will deliver approximately 7,000 new homes and almost 40,000 extra jobs – not taking into account the remaining seven stations in locations such as Leeds.

At the time of writing, the EY report doesn’t appear to have seen the light of day, but these type of development claims are bound to be largely mumbo-jumbo. In the headline “High Speed 2 will drive new homes and jobs”, what does “drive” actually mean? A story from the Nottingham Post serves as a reminder that one person’s “new home” is not infrequently someone else’s disappearing “country walk”. According to the Post story, one reason for siting HS2 at Toton is that it would mean that fewer homes were “driven” there.

[‘Toton HS2: Fears over more housing to replace Nottinghamshire station’, Dan Russell, NP, October 27, 2014]

NEW fears have been raised over the number of houses that could be built in Toton if high speed rail does not come to the county.

On Sunday, HS2 chairman David Higgins announced that the village was no longer the preferred site for the East Midlands station and that the £50 billion project was now looking to run the route to the west of the area – rumoured to be near Breaston, Derbyshire.

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October 28, 2014 at 1:31 pm

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  1. The notion that the loss of the HS2 station from Toton will bring more housing development or that the station will bring infrastructure improvements to reduce traffic congestion are absolute rubbish. The opposite is true (Clause 47). From the article, the origin of these notions seems to be pro-HS2 lobbyists.


    October 29, 2014 at 7:34 am

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