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As the Beleben blog noted in January 2014, much of the bigged-up ‘capacity increase’ in Siemens Class 700 trains, ordered for Thameslink, comes simply from having more standing room. Before placing the £1.6 billion order, the Department for Transport said it wanted “comparable or better quality” rolling stock, the Evening Standard reported (20 Oct 2014).

[“Only two in five passengers will get seats on new London commuter train“, Matthew Beard, ES, 20 Oct]

According to Government data, on 12-carriage services there will be 666 seats out of an official capacity of 1,754 passengers. Eight-carriage trains will have 427 seats out of 1,146.

All very odd, given that the DfT has made such a hullabaloo about HS2’s “benefits” for standing passengers on the London Midland trains out of Euston.

Thameslink rolling stock research, 2008

Presumably, in the high peak hour northbound from St Pancras low level, theoretical “zero PixC” Thameslink standee capacity would be 24 * 1,088 = 26,112. (Compare with standee_plus_seated suburban loadings from Euston.)

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October 20, 2014 at 7:17 pm

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