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Infrastructure neglect can be expensive

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In addition to being hellishly hot, smelly, and full of rats, New York City’s subway stations have structural flaws — a whole lot of them, according to a new report (wrote Carey Dunne).

[“New York City’s Subway Stations Need $5 Billion In Repairs”, Fastcity, 3 October 2014]

Of the city’s 468 stations, only 51 were free of structural and architectural defects, reveals the report, released Thursday by New York State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. The other 417 need fixing in one way or another: new paint jobs, new tiles, new stairs, new lighting, or new platform edges. This wouldn’t be a quick and easy fixer-upper: the report said that repairing these subway stations would cost more than $5 billion over two decades.[…]

The report highlights one of the most intractable problems with aging infrastructure: the more we ignore it, the more expensive it gets.

The same observations could be made about London’s Underground, and Britain’s national rail network. Whatever Andrew Adonis believes, building a new high speed line is neither an ‘alternative’ to maintaining existing trackage, nor is it cheaper.


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October 8, 2014 at 1:42 pm

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