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Modern Kulture with Pete Waterman and Michael Jones

The development of a HS2 hub station in Crewe will ensure that Cheshire becomes one of the world’s leading engineering and heavy industry manufacturing locations. That’s according to Crewe-based ModernKulture, an “independent agency specialising in the art of intellectual marketing, communications and propaganda”. On the 4th December 2014, ModernKulture’s Next Generation Rail Cheshire “will be the event that provides the platform for a series of announcements from Cheshire East Council that will develop and offer a vision of HS2 in the North West”.

[Description on Eventbrite]

The conference will offer the tools to stay up-to-date and at the forefront of exclusive news in relation to HS2 and its associated links with connectivity, industry, public health, education and more. By acknowledging the scope of opportunity and impact, Next Generation Rail Cheshire will reveal how to truly maximise the potential of regeneration.

Make sure you book your place at the event to be one of the first to hear the radical and momentous vision of the HS2 in the North West. A concept that will encompass electrification, big numbers and big corporate backing to illustrate the innumerable benefits of connectivity.

NGRC will also provide further unique benefits such as;

* An exclusive reveal of the most current and relevant policy news from Cheshire East Council.

* An awareness as to why Cheshire East is strategically ideal with its 360-degree connectivity and how if HS2 gets Cheshire right, the rest is just formality.

* An insight into the vision of the HS2 and the positive impact to be expected in areas such as public health, freight, economic development and the renovation of trade.

* A full report of what can be excepted from the new station, ‘South Crewe’ and transport and community projects.

* Detailed accounts of commercial and corporate gain, employment opportunity and investment counsel.

* Private sectors will also be given the opportunity to network and to gain a greater understanding into how to truly maximise the potential of localised change on a global scale.

Eventbrite New Generation Rail Conference, Crewe, 04 Dec 2014

[NGRC Event News, September 16, 2014]

HS2 and what it means for Crewe

Crewe has an inherent connection and understanding of the railway. For the majority, it is and has always has been their grandparents, parents, friends and colleagues way of life and living. Not only this, the town has an effortless geographical ability to provide 360- degree rail connectivity.

With this said, the arrival of the HS2 would be so much more than just a transport link; it is a way of creating major opportunity in terms of optimising regional and nationwide economic performance.

And whilst the North of England’s idea of ‘benefit’ may differ somewhat to the opinions and attitudes of our Southern neighbours, it has become apparently clear that the lessons of what transport has done for London, needs to be brought further north.

So why are the benefits of HS2 to the North, where journey times to London could be cut by an hour from Manchester and 49 minutes from Leeds, worth the pain?

Life without HS2;

* Overcrowding and congestion is and will continue to be a serious problem.

* Nearly 10 million more people will live in Britain by 2035 and the need for nationwide connections will only intensify.

* Without action, by 2016 there would be almost 150 people to every 100 intercity train seats in Birmingham New Street during peak times.

* A £9 billion upgrade was completed in 2008, but still train operators cannot run all the direct services we want: there isn’t enough space.

* People in the North have seen all the investment going into London. Crossrail alone cost £15bn, whereas the Midlands has seen no investment for about 20 years.

Put simply, Britain is using obsolete trains on a railway track that was built 100 years ago.

By building on the success of London to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, HS2 will herald significant investment to the rail network over the next twenty years, with the latest technology on brand-new tracks.

What HS2 means for Crewe

What HS2 will deliver in Britain and more specifically, Cheshire – also mirrors that already found and appreciated in mainland Europe.

What’s more is that the development of a new HS2 hub and the regeneration of the existing station offers the unique opportunity to transform not only Crewe but the entire North West region:

* An additional uplift of £1.8 billion to the UK economy by 2030 from development in Crewe, above and beyond the existing HS2 benefits to the UK;

* An investment of £880 million in the South Cheshire economy through development contracts;

* £6 billion Government funding set aside for road maintenance,

* 400 miles of extra capacity on our busiest motorways

* 20,000 additional jobs in and around central Crewe;

* The West Midlands is also key to 100,000 new job opportunities

* 5,000 new homes directly linked to the station transformation;

* The potential for a massive increase in advanced engineering and manufacturing within the UK, building on both Crewe’s rail heritage and the existing massive skills base

The development of a HS2 hub station in Crewe will ensure that Cheshire becomes one of the world’s leading engineering and heavy industry manufacturing locations.

Crewe is an already successful economy and an excellent base to grow from Delivers on Government transport and economic policies. Add significant GVA, jobs and transport benefits to the case for HS2 and this provides tangible support and motivation for the existing 30,000 businesses.

All information has been sourced from Cheshire East Gov.

“All information has been sourced from Cheshire East Gov.” But is ‘Cheshire East Gov’ a reliable source of ‘information’? Is invited speaker Rupert Walker a reliable source of ‘information’?

Network Rail's Rupert Walker blocked off

[‘Cheshire East Council calls for HS2 to tunnel underground through the borough’, Crewe Chronicle,
August 20, 2013]

Cheshire East Council has backed a motion calling on HS2 to tunnel underground rather than plough though farmland and buildings in the borough.

The council is also arguing against the line going to Wigan.

The original motion for going underground, raised by Cllr David Brickhill (Ind) at last month’s full council meeting, won the unanimous support of Cabinet members at Monday’s meeting in Crewe.

[…] Cheshire East leader Michael Jones said there was no need for the HS2 line to go to Wigan.

“I think we should call for it not to go to Wigan. I think if you want to save money, let’s not take it to Wigan, let’s stop it at Crewe by 2026 and then on Manchester through tunnels to the airport direct.”


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September 17, 2014 at 10:19 am

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  1. Participants at the 4 Dec event can expect: “An exclusive reveal of the most current and relevant policy news from Cheshire East Council”.

    The spelling of the name might be gimmikky but what about the grammar?

    Typical though of Michael Jones to reveal information to a select few and not inform his constituents till later. To these, he did once reveal that HS2 Phase 2 was a stitch up of Cheshire East by Manchester’s council and Govt Ministers in its 2012 planning phase, when, all the while, he was negotiating with DfT his vision for Crewe – trying to stitch up Stoke and Staffs in the process.
    His latest vision is to do away with the Handsacre and Wigan connections so there’ll be loads of spare dosh for the Crewe super-interchange. No doubt the HS college is still also part of the dream. This, HS2 Ltd encourages around the country, whether it be the college or a station or diversion and a station etc, getting borough and county councils to compete for the goodies in the pot – Stoke is spending a fortune in a vain attempt to avoid being sidelined – so that no party can complain when the dream is not fulfilled by HS2.

    At-a-Loss Leader

    September 18, 2014 at 4:55 pm

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