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Possible triborough reorganisation of Birmingham

Possible triborough reorganisation of Birmingham

A change in governance structure that is already being implemented at Birmingham City Council could be rolled out on a wider scale following the Kerslake review of the authority, Local Government Chronicle reported.

[LGC, 8 Sep 2014]

Chief executive Mark Rogers told LGC that he did not believe Sir Bob would recommend the local authority was split up in to a number of smaller councils.

Mr Rogers said: “It’s not a size question about whether we should divvy [the council] up into four new administrations and do away with the present council but instead how you make a big city council work when it is not working well enough like at the moment.”
A policy statement unveiled by leader Sir Albert Bore (Lab) in July set out a policy deemed “triple devolution” under which the city’s governance should operate at three levels. Its sub-region would be run as a partnership with other councils and use funding streams passed down from central government. Birmingham would then work more closely with other agencies on city-wide services, with significant powers devolved to 10 districts, while more services would be run at a neighbourhood level.

Apart from the internal efficiency and accountability benefits, splitting up Birmingham council could lead to better prospects for the wider urban area. Co-operation and planning in the West Midlands has long been stymied by the size mismatch between Birmingham and the other six councils.

But whether the Kerslake review can deliver in the face of Birmingham city council’s covert opposition, must be open to question. For example, its advisory panel is drawn entirely from the world of local government.

The advisory panel is made up of:

Deborah Cadman, chief executive, Suffolk CC

Carolyn Downs, chief executive, LGA

Sir Steve Houghton (Lab), leader, Barnsley MBC

Mehboob Khan (Lab), political advisor, London Councils

Joanne Roney, chief executive, Wakefield MBC

David Simmonds (Con), deputy leader, Hillingdon LBC

Howard Sykes (Lib Dem), Oldham MBC


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