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West Midlands transport body Centro is seeking special dispensation from the Department for Transport to introduce 24-metre double articulated buses on its proposed Sprint bus rapid transit corridors, Passenger Transport reported. Centro’s “consultation” on the first Sprint corridor, between Birmingham city centre and Quinton, makes no mention of the plan to run unwieldy bi-articulated vehicles, nor is there any information on Sprint’s knock-on effects on roadspace or streetscape.

[“Centro ponders jumbo artics for Sprint scheme”, Sep 3, 2014]

The PTE’s current plans envisage the £15m scheme opening in 2016, funded by the PTE and the Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership with funding provisionally approved as part of the government’s Growth Deals (PT087).

[…] “It is the intention that the vehicles will possess the appearance of a tram on wheels.”

If DfT refuses permission for the non-standard and cumbersome 24-metre vehicles, Centro plans to acquire 18-metre artics instead. Sprint is intended to “encourage modal shift” due to its “style, comfort and appearance”, but (surprise, surprise) Centro has not said what level of modal shift is expected. (Centro’s £150 million Midland Metro tram line was also intended to deliver modal shift, but was an utter failure.)

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September 3, 2014 at 8:10 pm

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