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4:8 : 1

From the Keolis report

While the return on investment for HS2 in isolation stands at 4.8 : 1, add in a web of new local connections and this figure rises and rises. And mass rapid transit systems like light rail are in themselves very efficient creators of jobs and growth, even without being routed into HS2. This misinformation, and copious similar nonsense cooked up by ‘usual suspects’ like Pete Waterman, Ed Cox, and Lilian Greenwood, can be found in ‘Integrated Cities: INTEGRATING THE TRANSPORT NETWORK INTO HS2‘, produced by the French Keolis company.

Keolis, a member of Greengauge 21’s “Industry Leaders Group”, is a French state-controlled concern which has been handed millions of pounds by the British government to operate GB rail franchises.


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July 30, 2014 at 9:04 am

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