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Devized to be Londoncentric

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Devizes MP and recently appointed rail minister Claire Perry has ‘never understood the argument that all the HS2 railway would do is make the country more London-centric’.

[‘HS2 is one of many vital investments UK needs’, Claire Perry, This is Wiltshire, 31st October 2013]

[…] given the house price differences across regions – if you could live in the Midlands or the North and commute rapidly and smoothly to a job in London, would you not be tempted?

So, in the view of the minister, a policy of building a high speed railway from 3 provincial cities to the capital, and ‘encouraging’ people to commute long-distance, is not London-centric.

Kent commuters using HS1 pay steep fares, yet still receive high public subsidies (~£70 per week from Ashford). If the passenger-kilometre subvention for HS2 was at the same level as for HS1, each person commuting from Leeds or Manchester would be receiving an ‘encouragement’ of £200+ per week, from public funds.


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July 30, 2014 at 8:10 am

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