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West Midlands transport authority Centro is a big supporter of the prying, nannying and hypocritical “smarter choices” agenda.


What is Smart Network,Smarter Choices?

Smart Network, Smarter Choices is a £48 million package of sustainable travel projects being carried out over the next three years along ten key corridors/routes in the West Midlands. It comprises of £33 million from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) and at least another £15 million from local public and private contributions. The project, which is being delivered by Centro in partnership with the seven West Midlands councils, aims to:

• Tackle the road congestion already costing the West Midlands economy more than £2.3 billion a year;

• Help kick start our local economy by underpinning growth and job creation while better connecting people to work, skills and training; and

• Reduce carbon emissions to help the region achieve its tough CO2 targets.

The project will concentrate on ten key corridors/routes across the West Midlands implementing a range of schemes including: new or improved walking and cycling routes; small scale road and junction improvements; better passenger waiting facilities; expert travel planning for families, companies and schools; free travel support for job seekers; more mobile and real time transport information; and smartcard technology for cashless travel.

The project sets out to help people make smarter and greener travel choices (Smarter Choices), especially for short trips, which in turn can cut congestion and improve traffic flows for essential road users such as hauliers and bus operators. To help bring about this change in travel behaviour, experts will work closely with families, schools, businesses and community groups to provide them with the bespoke support and advice they need. Smart Network, Smarter Choices will not only help support our regional economy but it can also bring substantial benefits for the environment as well as people’s health through more cycling and walking.

Centro’s MyNetwork Personal Travel Plans site now includes various condescending documents telling people how they should travel, shop, and eat.

Nanny knows best

Nanny knows best

The Great Barr Community Guide contains startling revelations such as the existence of businesses such as Acres Estate Agents, Barclays Bank PLC and Cashino Adult Gaming Centre, in the locality. Who’d have thought it.

No doubt, Steer Davies Gleave and AECOM are also big supporters of “smarter choices” programmes. Because they were handed lucrative contracts to run them. And the sums involved, run into millions.


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