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HS2 Euston preparatory works

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According to the David Higgins HS2 Plus report, the target date for opening HS2 phase one is December 2026, with ‘preparatory works’ commencing at Euston in mid 2015. But like many other aspects of HS2, what ‘preparatory works’ means, is unclear. It seems likely that the form Euston advance works would take, would depend on the design adopted for the station itself.

HS2 Plus recommended that ‘a more comprehensive redevelopment‘ of Euston should be implemented (in place of the lower-cost-lower-disruption annexe scheme put forward in April 2013). The construction and disruption management plans for a ‘complete rebuild’ option would be quite different. Implementing a complete rebuild would increase the size of the question marks over the December 2026 target operating date, and “£50 billion” budget.

Because of the scale of the costs involved, the property tax clawback from an intensive redevelopment at Euston is unlikely to cover the additional costs of making provision for that redevelopment. How much the shortfall would be is difficult to gauge because, at present, there is no transparency about HS2 construction costs for individual stations, structures, or sections of line.


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May 8, 2014 at 1:36 pm

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