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Pointless pledge

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West Midlands transport authority Centro has pledged it will work to help keep electric buses in Coventry following claims they are set to leave the city.

[Centro News: ‘Centro pledge to help keep electric buses in Coventry’, 17.04.2014]

[…] The regional transport authority for the West Midlands said it would work with operator Travel de Courcey to find an alternative use for them once their use on the city’s Park and Ride South route comes to an end later this month.

The three Optare Versa EV buses came into operation in 2012 but the tender to operate the route has now been taken over by another operator.

Around 99% of bus mileage in the West Midlands is operated by diesel buses, so ‘pledging’ to keep all of 3 battery buses in Coventry is not going to make any difference to air quality in the city, or the wider area. But what exactly does Centro’s “pledge” mean anyway? The answer is nowhere to be found in their press release.

Pointless pledge

Pointless pledge

Written by beleben

April 22, 2014 at 4:04 pm

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  1. The Governments belief that electric cars will emit less carbon than conventional ones is based on research that does not bear examination.

    Detail is at Topic 32 here

    See also the letter by Professor Cebon and Collings of Cambridge University to Ingenia available here

    The notion that electric would be green turns out to have no basis in fact. Instead the notion depend on the tendency of consultants to cynically provide reports which support any project which may be “sexy” and which has the eye of politicians regardless of the facts – a corruption void of brown envelopes, but a corruption for all that.


    May 3, 2014 at 11:26 am

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