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Get wet for surplus staff

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West Midlands transport body Centro is “partly dismantling nearly 300 bus shelters” so that adverts inside the covered stops can be seen by passing motorists, the Birmingham Mail reported (April 13, 2014). But Centro’s cut of anticipated increased advertising revenue has not been revealed.

[‘Bus shelter ads leave travellers out in the cold’, Bob Haywood, Apr 13, 2014]

Bus passengers in the Midlands are being exposed to the wind and rain by public transport chiefs hoping to boost funds through advertising.

Centro is partly dismantling nearly 300 bus shelters by removing a glass panel so that adverts inside the covered stops can be seen by passing motorists.

Passengers and public transport campaigners are infuriated at the cash-raising move.

But Centro says it must increase its revenue without hitting frontline services.

The shelter farce came as the body announced that one quarter of its staff are to be axed to meet a £7 million budget cut target.
Initially Centro had suggested scrapping half-price fares for children and ending the ring-and- ride service.

But after a public outcry, the travel giant turned to its operational and staff costs.

Although its headcount is now programmed to fall from 364 to 275, there are still large numbers of supernumerary staff at Centro, especially at management level. In 1987, when public transport use was nearly 100% higher than it is now, Centro had just 150 staff. It would appear that all the advertising income from opening up bus shelters is going to be used to keep surplus senior staff in post.

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April 15, 2014 at 2:49 pm

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