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'No petitioning please'Those affected by the proposed new high speed rail link between London and the West Midlands (HS2) will not be able to petition parliament about whether or not a link with the existing HS1 route to the Channel Tunnel (i.e. the spur from Old Oak Common to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link) should be scrapped, Out-Law reported (11 April 2014).

Lord Berkeley would be writing to MPs and ministers urging them to amend this Instruction from the Commons to the Select Committee to allow petitions and discussion on alternatives to the now cancelled HS1 link.

[‘Passengers from HS2 to the Continent are set to trudge along Euston Road for the next 50 years’, Tony Berkeley]

[…] There are many options for the route of a HS1-2 link, including directly to Stratford with or without central London station(s), the Euston Cross proposal promoted by Lords Bradshaw and Berkeley which could provide such a link if the HS2 tunnels to Euston are moved to join the west Coast Main Line in the Queens Park area, but for good passenger interchange, a link to HS1 serving OOC is highly desirable.

Lord Berkeley commented ‘there clearly needs to be some rethinking of the route and purpose of the HS1-2 link, and the extent to which it should take regional trains (eg an East-West Thameslink-type service, and high gauge freight) but without even petitions and a debate in Select committee about passive provision for such a link at or near OOC, it looks as if HS2 passengers wanting to go to Paris will still be trudging along Euston road to St Pancras for the next 50 years’

The botched design of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link means that it is not possible to accommodate more trains at St Pancras without major expenditure (platform space was reallocated to retail development during the construction of HS1). It also appears that it is not practically possible to connect other tracks into HS1 west of Stratford (and the station box is too small). Needless to say, the design faults in HS2 are of an entirely different scale.

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April 14, 2014 at 9:42 am

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