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The cost of twenty miles more

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Liverpool was forgotten in Andrew's colouring book

According to HS2 Ltd, the cost of the 330 miles of the proposed Y network (without rolling stock) is £42.6 billion (2011 prices), so £129 million per mile.

On that basis, the cost of a 20-mile extension of HS2 into Liverpool could be estimated at £2.58 billion. But the ’20 Miles More’ campaign ‘hopes’ that it could be done for less than £2 billion. Given the need for a junction with the HS2 western leg, and a new station in Liverpool for the captive trains, one might expect the actual per-mile cost to be higher than £129 million.

The population of Liverpool is around 470,000, so the cost of 20 miles more of HS2 would work out at somewhere around £5,400 per inhabitant.

If a survey were done offering Liverpudlians a choice between

(a) getting £5,000 each to spend as they wished,

(b) or bringing HS2 into Liverpool

how many would choose option (b)?

Like most Mancunians and Birminghamians, most Liverpudlians would rarely or never use a HS2 train

Written by beleben

April 4, 2014 at 11:53 am

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  1. The population of the inner-urban area controlled by Liverpool city council is indeed 450,000. However, the population of the Liverpool/Birkenhead urban area (i.e the continuously built-up area on any map) is 1.1 million and the population of Merseyside (i.e. the Liverpool equivalent of Greater Manchester) is 1.36 million – considerably larger than Leeds (a unitary city authority with a population of 750,000) – although, admittedly, recent government spin has attempted to claim that Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Halifax are mere suburbs of Leeds, thus creating a “city” with a population density barely a third of that of Merseyside. These facts don’t necessarily justify a high speed line into Liverpool, but they illustrate the extent to which statistics have been distorted to satisfy a pre-conceived plan.

    matthew jones

    April 4, 2014 at 10:43 pm

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