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World class severance, part two

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Part one

HS2 Curzon soundbites: Waheed Nazir, director of planning and regeneration at Birmingham city council with ITV at Eastside City Park

HS2 Curzon soundbites: Birmingham city council’s Waheed Nazir with ITV at Eastside City Park

Joe Holyoak has contributed an article to the Birmingham Post (6 Mar 2014) about the launch of Birmingham city council’s unrealistic Curzon “masterplan B” at Millennium Point, noting that the history of the high speed scheme has been marked by a failure by HS2 [Ltd] to “collaborate helpfully” with the council.

[‘One step forward, two steps back with city’s masterplan B’, Joe Holyoak, 6 Mar 2014]

[At the launch] Sir Albert Bore and three others made brief unillustrated speeches, high in rhetoric (including that old Mike Whitby favourite “world-class city”), and that was it. No questions, no discussion. […]

One fact unmentioned was that this is the second masterplan that the council has produced for the area in only three years. Why is the 2011 Eastside Masterplan now superseded? […]

In the new masterplan, Digbeth now makes up about three quarters of the area, and Eastside and the city centre only about one quarter. […]

Apart from the new Metro route, there are two changes. […] A new pedestrian route is proposed, connecting Station Square, between HS2 and Moor Street Station, to Bordesley Street in Digbeth.

[…] New Canal Street is now to be open only to public transport (Metro and Sprint buses), taxis, pedestrians and cyclists, cutting off Digbeth to vehicles even more than before.


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March 9, 2014 at 12:20 pm

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