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Original Greengauge 21 HSR ILG logo

Original Greengauge 21 HSR ILG logo

On 3 March, Jim Steer’s Greengauge 21 announced that

The HSR Industry Leaders Group has published a report detailing the the key economic, infrastructural and social consequences of abandoning High Speed 2. Great Britain — connected or not? outlines how failing to build HS2 will leave a clogged Britain, unable to meet its full potential, lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of infrastructure development.

The announcement did not make it clear that the HSR Industry Leaders Group is a body founded by Greengauge 21 itself.

The Department for Transport has refused to release a Steer Davies Gleave report concerned with capacity on north south rail lines. However, Figure 5 of the October 2013 Strategic Case for HS2 (below) was based on the report.

As can be seen, Figure 5 would suggest that the main lines north of London would not be “clogged” (as claimed by GG21’s Industry Leaders Group). In general, only sections of line in the big conurbations are shown as having High capacity pressure.

No doubt if other London termini were shown, they would also be marked as being subject to such pressure. Tackling localised rail congestion in the big conurbations is an entirely different matter, to building high speed rail.

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