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Birmingham Curzon HS2 masterplan

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Some hours after the launch of the Curzon HS2 Masterplan at Millennium Point on the morning of 27 February 2014, Birmingham city council put the draft online (part one | part two).

Birmingham Curzon masterplan area, Feb 2014

Birmingham Curzon masterplan area, Feb 2014

Curzon HS2 Masterplan

[Birmingham city council]

The Birmingham Curzon HS2 Draft Masterplan presents the proposed HS2 railway as a once in a century opportunity to radically enhance the City’s national rail connectivity and accelerate its economic growth potential. The new line and terminus will provide a catalyst to transform areas of the City Centre and unlock major regeneration sites.

The Draft Masterplan covers over 140 ha of the Eastside and Digbeth quarters and the eastern fringe of the City Centre Core, providing a detailed framework and principles to guide development, regeneration and connectivity to ensure that the City can capitalise upon the arrival of the HS2 railway. The masterplan:

* Promotes the city’s expectation of Birmingham Curzon HS2 station as a world-class 21st century landmark building that further strengthens a positive image for Birmingham and its economic role

* Seeks to ensure the station is fully integrated into the urban fabric of the City Centre and opens up accessibility between the City Centre Core, Eastside and Digbeth

* Sets out the key requirements for the station design and proposals to ensure that high quality and efficient walking, cycling and public transport connections continue into and throughout the city centre.

The draft masterplan also promotes major regeneration and growth opportunities that can provide within the plan area:

14,000 (net) jobs
600,000 m sq new business space
2,000 new homes
£1.3 billion economic uplift

Key proposals within the draft masterplan include:

* Promoting the principle of securing world-class architecture for Birmingham Curzon HS2 Station

* Identifying an extension to the Metro to a new integrated public transport hub at New Canal Street, through Digbeth to a new park and ride facility at Adderley Street

* Key development opportunities including Martineau Square and Exchange Square, Beorma Quarter, Typhoo Wharf, Banbury Wharf, Eastside Locks, Birmingham Science Park Aston, Curzon Point and within the Fazeley area of Digbeth

* Major new areas of public realm and open space including new squares at Moor Street Queensway and Paternoster Place; Curzon Promenade, Duddeston Viaduct Skypark, Eastside Locks and opportunities along the canal and River Rea corridors.


We are keen to receive your views on the proposals. Comments can be made until 24th April 2014.

Centro diagram of Curzon masterplan area, Feb 2014

Centro diagram of Curzon masterplan area, Feb 2014

Written by beleben

February 28, 2014 at 5:49 pm

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    Dear Sir David

    As you know, HS2 is a once in a century opportunity to waste £80 billion, £50 billion for the track and trains plus £30 billion for the connecting infrastructure. The financial losses (costs minus fares) over the 60 year evaluation period will (of course) be similar.

    £80 billion is equivalent to £1,333 for every man woman and child in the land (£3,000 per household). As an example, it’s like a tax hit on Birmingham of £1.45 billion – supposing those in the West Country, Wales and everywhere not served by HS2 make the same per head contribution.

    Heaven help us if those stupid politicians ever wake up to the facts – the bent economics, the Wider Economic Benefits nonsense, the “transformational” and job creation propaganda which we have spread about so shamelessly ……..

    The saving grace is that the more we spend the more difficult will it be for those fools to do anything but continue with this immensely profitable charade.

    So, lets get on with the gravy train – wasting the £80 billion as fast as we can.

    Yours (for ever in search of preferment)



    March 4, 2014 at 11:46 am

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