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HS2 and Buckinghamshire, part two

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Part one

Buckinghamshire Conservatives have “stolen Aylesbury Labour’s policy on HS2”, according to a press release.


[Conservative leader] Martin Tett has now co-opted the strategy proposed by Aylesbury Labour as long ago as at the 3CRadio County Council Election hustings in St Mary’s Church back in May 2013. We asked him why the County Council only appeared to have one idea on HS2, and had not positioned itself to allow the County to benefit should the line be constructed. In particular, Mr Tett was asked why the Council was not looking at;

• A Regional Hub Station on HS2 at Steeple Claydon which will connect with the reinstated East-West “Varsity Line” from Oxford to Bedford (and in future to Cambridge).

• Lobbying for the maximum number of high quality engineering jobs at the Calvert Maintenance Depot for HS2 including future-proof, high tech apprenticeships for our local young people.

• Through running to Continental destinations via the Channel Tunnel including from the Buckinghamshire Regional Transport hub to maximise economic benefits and make Bucks a natural location for new enterprises.

Aylesbury Labour seem to be unaware of a number of issues.

Firstly, the intensity of working proposed on the high speed trunk, between Old Oak and Bickenhill, would preclude any trains stopping at an intermediate station.

Secondly, HS2 Ltd’s 2011 factsheet about Calvert Maintenance Depot estimated that it would only employ 250 people in its day-to-day running. Depot jobs would not be particularly ‘high tech’.

[“HS2’s Infrastructure Maintenance Depot”, Factsheet HSRFC07]

There would be many things to look after on a high speed railway: track, sleepers, signalling equipment, train power supplies, bridges, tunnels, stations, cuttings and embankments. All would need regular maintenance so that the railway could be kept running safely and efficiently. To carry out all this work an Infrastructure Maintenance Depot would be needed, which would:

● provide a base for planning and managing all infrastructure maintenance work;

● be a central point for taking deliveries and storing all replacement parts before they were used; and

● provide sidings where maintenance trains could be stored when not in use.

Thirdly, ‘through running to Continental destinations from the Buckinghamshire Regional Transport hub’ is doubly unlikely, because of the very low demand.

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February 25, 2014 at 12:31 pm

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