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HS2 and South Yorkshire, part seven

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Part six

The proposed Meadowhall high speed rail station design is unsatisfactory, according to January 2014’s Sheffield “city region” HS2 connectivity study (produced by Arup for South Yorkshire PTE).

Arup SYPTE HS2 connectivity study, Jan 2014, map

As might be expected from an infrastructure company, the study recommended extensive investments across Sheffield city region, to support access to Meadowhall HS2. As well as tram trains to Doncaster, a ‘swift Supertram Express’ transfer is “considered critical to attracting business users to the HS2 service at Sheffield Meadowhall”.

Arup made no mention of the costs, or any benefit-cost analysis, of its proposed local connectivity package. But it seems likely that the bill would be in the £1 billion to £2 billion range.

Using MVA’s forecasts, Arup estimated passengers by time of day, who would use Meadowhall HS2 (but not a scenario where Midland Main Line offered Sheffield Midland to St Pancras in about 100 minutes, well before 2033). Their journey time comparisons with classic rail look somewhat problematic, as no interchange penalty seems to be included.

Arup SYPTE HS2 connectivity study, Jan 2014, Meadowhall patronage forecast

The morning flows would be predominately outbound in nature. As can be seen, the volumes suggest that large subsidies, and empty seats, would be hallmarks of the project. And whatever David Higgins might say, there is no possibility of ‘easing pressure on the London housing market’ by having piffling numbers of commuters coming 250 km from Yorkshire, etc.


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February 23, 2014 at 11:29 am

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  1. HS2 is now said to generates some 76,000 passengers per day, (FoI request), corresponding to roughly 22.8 million per year. It is only those which can be “transformational”, since all the rest (obviously) pre-exist.

    In contrast there are currently 1.5 billion passenger journeys per year by surface rail, and 43.5bn passenger journeys by all modes.

    Hence, HS2’s supposed generated traffic amounts to 1.5% of all surface rail journeys and to 0.05%, or one in 2,000, of all passenger journeys. Transformational? HA, HA.


    February 23, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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