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Unfortunately-timed 'HSR leaders' (Greengauge 21) tweet about Frankfurt to London high speed rail

Unfortunately-timed ‘HSR leaders’ (Greengauge 21) tweet about Frankfurt to London high speed rail

In September 2010 Spiegel Online announced Deutsche Bahn “could be on track to introduce passenger services direct from Cologne to London in time for the 2012 Olympics”. Now Deutsche Bahn has put its proposed high-speed Frankfurt to London Channel tunnel rail service on ice, Reuters reported (February 18).


Deutsche Bahn had hoped to open the route last year and said the 640 km (400 mile) journey would take five hours, but late in 2012 it put back that deadline to 2016 when its 500-million-euro (410 million pounds) order for 16 trains was delayed.

DB has given a variety of reasons for not starting services to London, but the real difficulty is low demand and high costs. Even without competition from DB in the Channel Tunnel, Eurostar has struggled to run a profitable business.

GB domestic rail franchises are low-risk, high return. The British government might hand Eurostar a lifeline by awarding the company the domestic intercity East Coast (or some other) franchise. That would enable GB taxpayers to be used to indirectly subsidise Channel Tunnel trains.


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