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In a discussion with the BBC’s Richard Westcott, the South West train company’s Tim Shoveller said that the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, HS1, had ‘got through the [recent southern England] storms unscathed’. On other routes operated in Kent, there had been extensive disruption.

'Tree-free HS1'

Given the vast amounts of public cash that have been poured into HS1, it’s not particularly surprising that it hasn’t suffered the same level of disruption as other lines. Indeed, 23 km of HS1 is bored tunnels, according to Structurae. And surface sections of HS1 feature ‘managed embankments’, where vegetation is strictly controlled.

[Playing the subsidy game, ‘Trains 4 Deal’ campaign]

[HS1 domestic train operator] Southeastern is the second most highly subsidised train operating company (TOC) in the UK, costing a total subsidy of £341.8 million in 2012/13. Its overall subsidy is far in excess of any other operator serving London and the South East.


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February 17, 2014 at 8:29 pm

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