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Coventry, Lille, and HS2

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The Northern French city of Lille and its TGV connection has featured in many discussions of Britain’s HS2 project. The 1980s decision to route LGV Nord Europe through Lille has been credited with ‘regenerating’ the city, but the evidence is not very convincing. As with HS1 in Britain, LGV Nord Europe‘s passenger volume has fallen well short of forecasts, and as a result, a proposed direct Picard high speed line through Amiens was shelved.

As with Stratford ‘International’ HS1, the design of Lille Europe TGV station left a lot to be desired (as high-speed enthusiast Chia-lin Chen has noted). The bad disconnectivity of Lille Europe is mitigated to an extent by the ability to route some TGVs services into the gare de Flandres (Lille’s classic station), and on to Tourcoing and Roubaix. Needless to say, in the HS2 Y network, disconnectivity is far worse than in LGV Nord.

If Lille is a boom town, and high speed rail ‘can regenerate a city’, one might ask why Coventry isn’t a boom town. Coventry actually has a more frequent fast train to the capital than Lille, and the journey time is about the same.

London to Coventry

  • Coventry city population: 316,900 (2011)
  • Intercity frequency (daytime peak): 3 trains / hour
  • Intercity frequency (daytime off-peak): 3 trains / hour
  • Intercity rail journey time: ~60 minutes

Paris to Lille

  • Lille city population: 225,784 (2008)
  • Domestic TGV frequency (daytime peak): 2 trains / hour
  • Domestic TGV frequency (daytime off-peak): 1 train / hour
  • TGV journey time: ~60 minutes

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January 24, 2014 at 12:21 pm

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  1. The High Speed trains are not about ‘people’ but TRADE ! Trade FIRST ! People second. The Eurotunnel has just made over a Billion euros -a 12% increase. 10% was trade/container transport & 2% people (ie 10 million people came to the UK thru the tunnel = only 2% of profit increase). The Chinese have instigated the plan to connect Europe with China. They have a 100 yr plan, Europe has it’s Vision 2020. The Chinese have leased the container ports of Liverpool,Felixstowe, Rotterdam, Genoa & Athens……..The High Speed trains are just part of the new ‘federal’ global infrastructure being imposed on this planet for trade purposes,in conjunction with ‘linking’ all the continents. China has the worlds largest, richest, middle class.
    Connect the ‘dots’….

    Monad Unimundal

    January 24, 2014 at 2:14 pm

  2. Very good comparison


    January 24, 2014 at 5:44 pm

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