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HS2 and railspace

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According to HS2 Ltd’s “Responses to Transport Select Committee Questions” (25 August 2011) the 1964 New Tokaido Shinkansen has the same nominal path capacity as the 19th century West Coast Euston Fast Lines (20 trains per hour).

“Responses” also stated that for HS2

the minimum headway between successive trains operating at the maximum initial speed of 360kph would be 116 seconds and 11.6km. The emergency stopping distance of the reference train from 360kph would be 5.7km.

The ‘normal’ enclosed width of HS2’s twin-track cross-section would be around 22 metres, so the width attributable to each track is around 11 metres.

Therefore, for a 400-metre train with all 1100 seats occupied, the dynamic land area occupied is at least (12000 * 11) = 132000 square metres, or 120 square metres per passenger.

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