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Under current plans, the coalition’s proposed high speed rail Y network would not reach Manchester until about the year 2032. In 2011, Miranda Barker, managing director of a company called Allan-Environmental, “based in the Manchester area” appeared in a promo video for David Begg’s pro-HS2 campaign (Biz4HS2).

In the video, Ms Barker held a placard saying “Put freight on rail, put people on HS2”. How that would work (for places like Stoke on Trent or Macclesfield) in practice, was not explained; the only place on the West Coast corridor between Manchester and London with a HS2 station would be Birmingham. However, she claimed that without HS2, the earliest train she could get into London for meetings would arrive about 9.30am.

That is puzzling, because there seems to be several trains from Manchester that arrive in the capital before 9am on a weekday.

Sample Deutsche Bahn timetable query for Manchester to London trains, 8 Jan 2014

Written by beleben

January 8, 2014 at 11:43 am

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  1. Clearly Ms Barker doesn’t believe in getting up in the morning to catch a train. I’m a frequent user of the 04.28 or the 23.40 from Glasgow to Euston, as these trains, combined with the 19.30 or the 23.50 enable me to spend a very full day at events or meetings (typically 6-8 can be scheduled) in the South-East. These trains are presumably viable because of the convenience of stopping points and connections that enable full days to be spent at many places (Manchester for 06.00 or 08.00 as an example). I’ve enjoyed the mix & match of having an integrated service on the WCML, albeit with the example of London-Glasgow services running non-stop to Warrington (or Preston) at a timetabled stop to stop average speed of 105mph (so it qualifies as part of the European high speed network already) presaging the detail being raised over HS2 delivering extended journey times. At Crewe you can watch the Glasgow express thunder through, just minutes before the connecting train for Preston, where you can then wait almost an hour for the Glasgow connection, and pretty much the same for anywhere on the route between Euston and Warrington the journey has an hour added by this detail Northbound.

    Dave H (@BCCletts)

    January 9, 2014 at 12:27 am

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