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Moving to Bickenhill

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HS2’s political “Birmingham interchange” station in Middle Bickenhill would have six tracks, four platforms, and a 1.5 mile tram-like ‘people mover’ direct to the NEC complex, Birmingham International Station and Birmingham Airport, the Express and Star reported (5 Jan 2014).

The ‘people mover’ will move in a south-west direction crossing over the M42, East Way, Pendigo Lake and the Rugby to Birmingham line before continuing onto Birmingham Airport. It will operate seven days a week, with the first service operating approximately 30 minutes before the departure of the first HS2 train to 15 minutes after the arrival of the last HS2 train. It will be able to transport at least 2,100 passengers in each direction per hour at peak times, running at three minute intervals and speeds of up to 55mph. Waiting times will normally not exceed four minutes, but will be up to a maximum of 15 minutes during major NEC events. The journey time from Birmingham Interchange station to Birmingham Airport will be approximately six minutes.

HS2’s Y network October 2013 modelled service pattern showed only five trains per hour, per direction, stopping at Middle Bickenhill. Even with limited numbers of trains calling, the wait for the dinky people mover could be rather longer than HS2 Ltd suggest, especially if people were forced onto HS2 by the withdrawal of fast trains on the existing railway. On the information available, each people mover ‘train’ to the NEC and Elmdon airport would be able to carry “at least” 105 passengers in the peak, but what allowance is being made for airport users’ luggage, is unclear.

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January 6, 2014 at 10:11 am

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