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HS2’s bum year

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Whether you’re a NIMBY, a train-spotter or most likely an apathetic commuter reading this sitting on a crowded train to London, we can all agree it has been a bad, bad year for the high-speed rail project (wrote Benjamin Mulvihill for The Chamberlain Files).

[20 Dec 2013]

[…] nobody is quite sure about any facts to do with the project because somewhat hysterical hyperbole has been allowed to escape into the ether. The result is most people know very little about the project, and what they do know has most often been through a lens of misinformation.

Unfortunately, Mr Mulvihill went on to spread a little more confusion, by forgetting to mention the ~£6.9 billion cost of HS2 trains.

But just so you know, dear readers – Phase 1 £21.4 billion and Phase 2 £21.2 billion, including contingency – not a ‘blank’ cheque. Now go, spread the word.

Don’t alternatives to HS2 require rolling stock to be bought as well? Yes, they do. But very high speed trains are a lot more expensive to buy and maintain. Furthermore, a fifth of all HS2 travel would be generated journeys.

Written by beleben

December 20, 2013 at 8:17 pm

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