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HS2 was featured on BBC Radio 5’s Phil Williams show (3 December 2013) in an outside broadcast from Birmingham’s New Street station with contributions from, inter alios, Joe Rukin (Stop HS2), Ben Ruse (lead spokesperson for HS2 Ltd), a chap from BSA Machine Tools, Albert Bore, Christian Wolmar, and Pete “The Hitman” Waterman.

One of the things bothering Mr Wolmar was HS2’s poor environmental credentials. In HS2 Ltd’s November 2013 factsheet on carbon, it finally provided a bizarre and weasel-worded admission that HS2 would increase carbon emissions.

[HS2 Ltd]

Over the construction and the first 60 years of operation of HS2, it is likely that carbon savings – that come about as people switch from other transport modes with higher carbon emissions, and as released capacity on existing railways is taken up by new passenger and freight services at the expense of road vehicles – will be less than the carbon emissions.

HS2 Ltd consultation factsheet on carbon, Nov 2013

HS2 Ltd consultation factsheet on carbon, Nov 2013

Getting Mr Ruse to admit that fact on Radio 5 was a task too far, even for Mr Williams. The HS2 spokesman also trashed his own claim that HS2 was a ‘transparent organisation’ by refusing to admit that upgrade based alternatives were accepted to have a higher benefit-cost ratio (even by Network Rail).

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December 4, 2013 at 12:13 am

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  1. The pretense to the Green by the rail lobby has always been bogus see Transport Facts Sheet 5 of the Transport-watch web site. In any case the effect of moving a few handfuls of passengers from one mode to another could never have more than a trivial effect.


    December 4, 2013 at 8:39 pm

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