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Surprise, surprise: Shadow transport minister Mary Creagh is ‘critical’ of the government’s handling of the HS2 project.

[‘Shadow transport minister Mary Creagh sets out Labour’s 2015 priorities’, Tamsin Rutter, The Guardian, 18 November 2013]

[…] She said: “HS2 was Labour’s brain child and what we’ve had under this government over the last three years has been strategic reviews, delays, high court reviews, judicial reviews and an increase in the bill of £10bn. The government has singularly failed to sell the benefits to people.” Creagh, who is MP for Wakefield, points out that many people do not realise high speed trains can go onto normal tracks and that, in principle, there should not be a reduction in current services when HS2 comes to fruition. “Some of those arguments were made in Strategic Case published a few weeks ago but very very late on,” she said.

‘Reduction in current services when HS2 comes to fruition’ are built into the Economic Case for HS2. They are also pivotal in the claims for ‘released capacity’. But no-one attached to the HS2 project is prepared to set out in plain terms what the released capacity is.

When these contradictions are aired, the response is just abuse and mudslinging from the useful idiots at the bottom of the HS2 food chain.

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November 18, 2013 at 1:32 pm

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