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WSP Group on the Birmingham Mobility Action Plan

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WSP press release on the draft Birmingham Mobility Action Plan, Nov 2013

WSP’s press release on its draft Birmingham Mobility Action Plan stated that it was a strategy to ‘combat four million more daily trips’ in the city.


Birmingham, 7th November – WSP, the professional consultancy, has worked with Birmingham City Council (BCC) to produce the Birmingham Mobility Action Plan (BMAP); a strategy to deal with the immediate and future transport challenges facing the city.


The UK’s road and rail network is changing and our teams are behind some of the most exciting and transformative projects – creating new transport hubs and regenerating existing assets.

By 2031 Birmingham’s population could rise by up to 150,000 people, which means there could be as many as four million daily trips using the city’s transport system.

According to Department for Transport (DfT) figures, congestion in the West Midlands could be 83% higher by 2035. To combat these scenarios BCC and WSP have launched BMAP’s 25 year vision to reinvent Birmingham’s transport system to meet current and future mobility challenges.

The Green Paper is the start of a consultation with residents, businesses and other stakeholders about the city’s transport priorities. The ideas put forward include:

300km of new mass transit routes

Implementing ‘Green Travel Zones’ at large employment sites

A comprehensive package of measures to improve road safety

Significant investment in walking and cycling infrastructure. Including over 350km of new or upgraded cycle routes
Measures to reduce the impacts from freight both in terms of the number of trips made and the emissions from vehicles

Councillor Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “Having an efficient transport system is a vital part of meeting our plans to move the city forward. Whilst we have had successes, in general Birmingham is lagging behind many UK and European cities in its thinking and importantly delivery of a truly integrated, sustainable transport system.

“The Birmingham Mobility Plan (BMAP) is the first step to changing that. BMAP provides a long term strategy and direction which will guide the development of a transport system we can all be proud of.”

Simon Statham, WSP Associate Director, said: “With an estimated four million daily trips in Birmingham by 2031, this action plan gives the city and the surrounding area a clear vision of where we are now, and what needs to happen if the transport system is to support the huge economic potential of the region.

“This is not just about changing landscape, but culture as well. For example, we want to create a city where you do not need to own a car or that using your car for journeys does not have to be the automatic first choice. Building infrastructure is only part of the solution; we also need to encourage positive behaviour change towards active and sustainable transport”.

Contact Tom Hawkins 020 7314 4585 or

So does BMAP “combat” 4 million daily trips, or 4 million extra daily trips? Mr Hawkins doesn’t seem to be sure. There is very little that’s really new in the draft BMAP, and there is no way that its proposals “combat” four million extra journeys. The mass transit lines proposed by WSP would most likely have little to no impact on private car mileage, or mode choice.

Four million, WSP’s number for the future number of journeys in one day in Birmingham, is the number of journeys made on the Midland Metro tramway in 38 weeks.


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