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Although HS2 Ltd have produced reams of documents about its high speed rail project, straight answers to simple questions are very hard to find. For example: what would be the income and expenditure of the high speed line in 2026, and what amount of the income would need to be government subsidy?

Another problem of the HS2 communications process is the lack of knowledge of members of company staff. For example, the Technical Standards for Interoperability would suggest that that HS2 trains could not be longer than around 400 metres. But Adam Joyce, apparently a press officer for HS2 Ltd, tweeted that classic compatible trainsets would be 260 metres long. If that were the case, it’s hard to see how the January 2013 service pattern could be implemented, because that involves two trainsets being coupled together.

HS2 Ltd told Camden town community forum that trains would weigh 17.5 tonnes

Members of the Camden Town community forum requested “clarity” from HS2 Ltd about the weight of its trains, and were told it would be “approximately 17.5 tonnes”. The correct figure would be of the order of 400 tonnes for a half-train, and 800 tonnes for a full-length one.

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April 4, 2013 at 12:09 pm

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  1. […] could be done for just over ‘one billion pounds’, or ‘HS2 trains would weigh seventeen and a half tonnes‘, is clearly not factual […]

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