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Birmingham City Council ad in the Metro newspaper (Birmingham edition), 22 Feb 2013

Birmingham City Council took out an advert in the 22 February Birmingham edition of the Metro newspaper, to publicise “new ways to collect rubbish and recycle” (in other words, to promote its wheelie bin rubbish collection scheme).

There’s not much new about wheelie bins; local authorities all over Britain have used them for years. Whether and how they should be using them, are different matters altogether. In terms of labour productivity, hebdomadary wheeled bin collection must  be about as inefficient as it gets.

Birmingham council’s news release of December 24 2012 stated that that “the council is ‘consulting’ around a 3-bin model — a bin for residual (black bag) waste, a bin for recyclables, and a bin for garden waste”.

But the 22 February 2013 Metro advert says “Wheelie bins are coming to Birmingham homes – two bins for every household, for rubbish disposal and recycling”. In the future, green waste is to be an add-on optional service, paid for separately.

The council has claimed that switching to wheeled bins ‘would save the £1 million cost of supplying black bags’ to residents. But from April 2013, the council won’t be supplying them anyway.

And wheeled bins would ‘stop animals tearing open black bags for food’. Well, why put food in the black bags in the first place?

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