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Birmingham city bus stop overloading, part two

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Birmingham bus stops around St Martins, September 2012

Birmingham city council’s ‘Big City Plan‘ and ‘Vision for Movement‘ were supposed to create an attractive, connected, and walkable city centre, but seem to be failing miserably. The southern end of Park Street — a bleak place to have to stand about — has been made a principal pickup point for no fewer than twelve outbound bus services.

Birmingham's Park street outbound bus stop 'PA3'

The northern end of Moat Lane would make for a better bus pickup point for shoppers, but its stop ‘MK6’ is designated for setting down only. The outbound stop on the southern side of Park Street has no shelter and no functional real time information, and the pavement is so narrow that people waiting for buses block general pedestrian movement.

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October 11, 2012 at 12:05 pm

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