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Euston and Greengauge 21

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According to Jim Steer’s Greengauge 21, there is scope to reduce the project costs of HS2 by smart planning: 

for instance by adopting the Network Rail scheme to take existing commuter services out of Euston and connect them into Crossrail instead. This would save costs and reduce disruption  –  and even bring forward the project completion date.

Proposed London Superlink network schematicThe plan to route Milton Keynes/Northampton WCML commuter trains away from Euston, and into Crossrail, has been around for a long time. It was included in the 2004 Superlink regional rail system, proposed by John Prideaux and Michael Schabas.

According to Mr Schabas, Steer Davies Gleave (Jim Steer’s company) prepared a report for Canary Wharf Group Plc, which attacked the Superlink concept of a ‘regional Crossrail’, and taking Milton Keynes commuter traffic out of Euston. As with the Milton Keynes connection, extension of Crossrail to Reading would have important connectivity benefits, and help balance the western and eastern traffic on the system. But in the Guardian in 2007, Mr Steer was quoted as saying that there was “no basis” for extending Crossrail to Reading.

Reconstruction of Euston carries huge risks, and HS2 Ltd has agreed that it has not monetised its economic disruption effects. In its present form, Crossrail’s configuration would make poor use of the expensive tunnel being built under central London. By moving West Midlands intercity services to the Chiltern Line, and moving Milton Keynes commuter services into Crossrail, there would no longer be any requirement to rebuild and disrupt Euston station (or build HS2).

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January 11, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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